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IMS Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd. has eight commercial companies with individual visions to explore global scale opportunities while ensuring that each

operation is built around the core business.

Islandwide Marketing Services Pvt Ltd

Ideal partner capable of taking up industrial market challenges in providing technology and expertise with leading edge innovation, for the last 28 years. As the partner, we not only share our experience with our customers but also continuously endeavor to bridge them with our foreign principals especially on the latest technological developments.

Islandwide Scientific Services Pvt Ltd

Integrated supplier of latest equipment and supplies for modern research providing a wide variety of needs of chemicals, biologicals for laboratories. It continuously transforms new technologies available worldwide to customers.

Bibile Sugar Industries Ltd.

Established to develop the concept of small holder sugar cane, Gliricidia and livestock integrated business model to generate 20 MW of electricity, 130,000 MTs of refined sugar, 27 million liters of cows' milk and chemical by products and to alleviate poverty in remote rural Bibile- Bintanna- Mahaoya area with an envisaged investment of about USD 180 million.
Currently at the last stages of negotiations with investors for financial closure subject to final EIA Approval.

Pan Serendib Pvt Ltd

Strategic business unit that fosters the sprit of innovation, promotion and competitiveness of the core business by meeting specific requirements of the local and foreign markets. Strategically invested in Puttalam Salt Ltd. at its privatization in 1997 considering the solar evaporation process in production of salt

Serendib Natural Products Ltd

Identify nature's innovations and indigenous leads & foster those to commercially viable products with value addition in offering environmental and eco safety products as alternatives to manmade hazardous chemicals.

Mega Ten Bioenergy Pvt ltd.

Mega 10
Green power provider envisaged to generate 10 mega watts of electricity as renewable energy using biomass Gliricidia Sepium to export to national grid of Sri Lanka. Having obtained all necessary approvals from Sustainable Energy Authority, 20 years of Power Purchase Agreement from Ceylon Electricity Board, Mega Ten Bioenergy Pvt Ltd singed a joint venture agreement with FUDEICO , China for an investment of USD 15.32 Million. Bioenergy power project is now under implementation in Kumbukkana. Monaragala.

Ceynergy Dynamics Holding Pvt Ltd.

One of the associating holding companies of IMS Holdings Pvt Ltd to provide synergistic value addition to its portfolio through insurances, health care and nutrition. While Ceynergy Global Advisory Pvt Ltd care to assure the health & medical treatment demands, Ceynergy Dynamics Pvt Ltd specializes on nutrition & medical supplies and energy saving dynamics.
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